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Thomas Lobban


Falling under the Tax Consulting SA Group umbrella and backed by 17 years’ experience, our specialised cryptocurrency team assists with various crypto tax matters, ranging from simple to complex, and works closely with our clients, their professional advisors, as well as crypto exchanges to optimise their tax position and protect their wealth while helping them meet their obligations.

Our consultants are long-time crypto investors too. We understand the concepts that underlie crypto investment, including Mining, Staking, Arbitrage, Lending, Liquidity Pools, Maker Rewards, NFTs, Ledger, Decentralised Exchanges, Forks, Airdrops… the works.

Our in-house expertise is provided with 360° compliance and sound legal strategy in mind.

Why choose us?

At Crypto Tax Consulting, we advocate on various crypto tax matters, ranging from simple to intricate, and work closely with taxpayers, their professional advisors, as well as crypto exchanges.

Owing to the volatile nature of crypto assets, we do not embrace the one-size-fits-all stance. Our packages are tailored to your unique circumstance and investment portfolio and cater to all types of crypto investors.

Our specialised cryptocurrency team comprises tax professionals, admitted attorneys and chartered accountants who are authoritative experts in their respective professional areas.



Thomas Lobban

Thomas Lobban
Head of Crypto Tax Consulting

Jashwin Baijoo

Jashwin Baijoo
Head of Crypto Tax and Compliance


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