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Comprehensive crypto tax assistance, no matter what type of investor you are.

Rectification of historic tax on profits

Current tax filing & legal compliance

Future tax planning & assistance


Falling under the Tax Consulting SA Group umbrella and backed by 17 years’ experience, Crypto Tax Consulting offers you instant access to more than 140 professionals. Our specialised cryptocurrency team comprises tax professionals, admitted attorneys and chartered accountants who are authoritative experts in their respective professional areas.

We advocate on various crypto tax matters, ranging from simple to intricate, and work closely with taxpayers, their professional advisors, as well as crypto exchanges. With an appreciation for the complexities of tax, we ensure complete client privilege on all engagements and deliver optimal tax outcomes while remaining compliant with fiscal law and statutory requirements.


Uncertainty surrounding the tax implications of crypto trading has been brewing for a while. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is there to ensure that crypto investors remain compliant, with harsh consequences where this is not the case. They are on the hunt for traders who see digital currencies as a profitable tax escape. SARS are sending out audit letters to taxpayers for this purpose and they are approaching crypto exchanges to obtain taxpayer information. With a staggering R3 billion allocated towards improving their technological and information-gathering infrastructure, taxpayers must not try to hide from SARS.


Owing to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, we do not embrace the one-size-fits-all stance. Our packages are tailored to your unique circumstance and investment portfolio and cater to all types of crypto investors. All services are quoted up-front and before any work commences.

This includes, among others:

Tax Pack outlining crypto asset profit or loss for the tax year, to inform your disclosures to SARS with supporting documentation.
Tax health check to determine the extent of any tax non-compliance and outline steps required for correction.
Filing of tax returns, including engagement with
SARS upon verification or audit.
Specialised tax legal and
accounting services where required.

Crypto Tax Consulting has partnered with Revix!

Revix, founded in 2018, is a technology-focused investment services company specialising in cryptocurrency Bundles. They enable investors to invest in cryptocurrencies like they do mutual funds and ETFs.

Revix is headquartered in London and has an operational office in Cape Town, South Africa.

Crypto Tax Consulting will provide tax assistance to Revix clients ensuring that they remain compliant.



VAT Refunds

Voluntary Disclosure Programme

Cross Border Taxation

SARS Audit

Legal Options and SARS rulings


Dispute Resolution

Commercial Agreements

Professional Partner Network

Professional Negligence



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